Netsecop - Security on the cloud

Fix Services

Malware & Blacklist Removal

We backup, clean all malicious & suspicious files and remove your site from any spam & search engine blacklist then deliver a working site.

Vulnerability Fix Guidance

We provide consultancy for vulnerability patching, OWASP Top 10 assessment, and false-positive elimination.

Exclusive Services

Website security consultancy

In-depth manual security analysis of website

We scan manually your website for vulnerabilities. Once we find them, we check for false positives and filters them out. For the real vulnerabilities, we determine the severity levels of the vulnerabilities, also determined the applicable countermeasures. We prepare a vulnerability analysis report for your website.eport also includes a section for top-level management.


Website malware analysis

Thorough analysis and cleaning of websites without changing legitimate content

We check thoroughly the content of your website by using a number of different methods including but not limited to hash control, iframe control, content parsing and check, popup checks, redirection checks, and traffic anomalies. We send e-mail and text alerts if your website is changed/infected by malware or it has suspicious behaviors.


Web application penetration testing

OWASP top ten security checks and more

We perform penetration testing of web applications. We check common vulnerabilities like cross site scripting and SQL injection. We also detect and eliminate false positives. The platform and the technology on that web applications are built on does not matter for our experts. Our experts make penetration tests specialized to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. We cover OWASP top ten security controls for web application.


Mobile Application Security Testing (AST)

Mobile application penetration test for not only the application in store but also in production

We perform mobile application penetration testing for your Apple and Android application. We make mobile penetration tests for not only the application in play store/app store but also in production. Our mobile penetration testers' checks include but not limited to insecure data storage, data leakage and information disclosure, reverse engineering, insecure log file configurations.